Challenge #1: Cruise Mulholland Drive

51. Cruise Mulholland Drive: One of the world’s most famous scenic drives, and perhaps a great opportunity to meet someone fun. Make eyes at a light, stop at many of the crowded lookout points along the way to see the views and strike up a convo or take a break for lunch and cozy up to someone new. There are lots of possibilities and it’s a beautiful drive!

Okay. Really cruising around in a car is a tip to meet a new guy? I don't really have to talk to anyone? I don't have any forced interaction? I AM IN!

I chose this one because it was the easiest...let's be real. And I have been lacking on funds and time. So I cruised down Mullholland...and I made eyes at many men in many cars and this is what I encountered:

- An angry look from a guy's wife when I did the raise my eyebrows thing at her husband. Ya know this thing....

- A scared dude who sped away when I did the raise my eyebrows thing forgetting to maybe look inviting...

- I thought I would get a little racy...but naturally I accidently did this to a police officer:

Luckily, he seemed more interested in eating the hot dog he had in his hand than pulling me over for crude behavior. Wait..can you even be pulled over for that?

- When i finally did see my potential mate next to me, the light turned green and he sped away. But as the fates would have it, he pulled next to me a few minutes later, only to find me doing this:

It seems Mullholland Drive was a bust. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "I WOULD HAVE BETTER LUCK FINDING A DUDE AT A LESBAIN BAR" to 10 being "I FOUND MY HUSBAND HERE", I would give cruising Mullholland Drive a 2.

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