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My Little Irish Gem

I found this little gem from a few years ago............

Yesterday, I took an amazing tour of the Aran Islands. One of our tour guides was Michael Faherty. He had salty hair and beautiful blue eyes. He was born in Inishmore, which is the largest of the islands. He always used my name and kept checking on me and touched me about 20 times. He didn't call anyone else by their name or touch them---just me.....

At the end of our tour of Inishmore, we had an hour to walk around the village on our own. I grabbed a cider while I wrote a few post cards and then started walking to the meeting point. I saw Michel out of the corner of my eye talking to the ice cream truck guy. As soon as I walked past him, he stopped the conversation and briskly walked towards me. We chatted for the next 45 minutes or so. Like any romantic pushing 30, I quickly pictured our lives together. **Go dream sequence music** At the end of this tour, I would thank him with a most gentle kiss. I would cancel my WWOOF plans to stay in Galway. We would fall in love fast and hard. I would move in with him, and we would stay in Galway the next few years - Of course, I would help out with the business. We would have a beautiful Catholic wedding and I would get to flip that claddaugh around. After out first baby, we would move back to inishmore because that's where his parents live. They have a beautiful garden that he helped plant (I know this because I saw photos). We would grow old together in beautiful Ireland. **Dream sequence music out**

Anywho, we boarded the ferry back to the mainland. I took a seat on the top to get some fresh sea air, but it was feakin' freezing and naturally i was underdressed, so I moved inside where I fell asleep. It turns out I fell asleep in Michael's seat. His red fleece was on the chair and I thought it belonged to the person in front of me. As the boat was docking he gently removed the fleece and I stirred. He apologized and gently brushed my head. I was immediately awake but pretended to nod back off and basically ignored him. As I boarded the bus back to Galway he asked if I had a nice sleep, I muttered a yes and he said it will be a good picture for Facebook. I barely smiled and under my breath said "real cute." I was trying to be cute but I know he didn't hear me as I practically ran onto the bus and right for the back.

As I got of the bus, I thought this is it Hull. Do something. Anything!!! Michael waved to the people in front of me as they departed. As I stepped off the bus, I tripped but didn't fall. I looked up at Michael's blues...he extended his hand and we shook for what felt like an eternity. He pulled me closed and touched my arm again.

I looked away and muttered thank you. Then.....As I took a deep breath....I ran to the bathroom because I was about to pee myself. End scene.

As I was leaving the station, Michael was there. I tried to avoid him at this point because I just couldn't deal---we locked eyes. I had nowhere to go. He walked passed me thanked me again with those blues and touched my arm. I grinned and......ran away.

At 9:32a this morning, I told Michael how I felt- that I would like to grab a drink with him and get to know him. Too bad he was in his tour bus passing by....about 100 feet from where I was standing... Drenched in rain. Kismet.

To Michael Faherty, if you ever read this, I like you.

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