• Toni Anita Hull

10 Reasons I LOVE Going to Theme Parks Alone

Reasons Going to a Theme Park Alone is Fun:

1. Single rider lines.

2. You can eat a turkey leg, a corn dog, french fries, chicken fingers, and an ice cream in one sitting and no one will judge you.

3. You can see whatever you wanna see and do what you wanna do.

4. There are people who are paid to take your pictures of you alone, so you don't have to ask a tourist.

5. You don't have to have someone else in a picture with you because you feel obligated.

6. You can go to the bathroom whenever you want.

7. You can shove yourself through large crowd without having to worry about the rest of your group keeping up.

8. You can shove yourself into the front row of Waterworld or Frozen Live becuase you are one single soul.

9. You can sit and have a coupla drinks without people nagging you that they want to go see something.

10. And after those drinks, you can hit on Buzz Lightyear and feel like you have a chance to score.


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