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This is my 69th Triumphant Return...

This is my 69th triumphant return to blogging... From MySpace to LiveJournal to Scriggler to this blog, I have left the blogger sphere many the time, only return time and time again with my head between my legs.


Why is this time different?

Is it different? I like to think it is. I am unemployed, so I am sure there's a ton of depressingly fun, fodder there for all to revel in. Also, I really want to write. Like I want someone to pay me to write. So, I decided in order to get paid to write, I should probably write instead of just cry about how I will never become a writer.

What will you be writing about?

Life. Too broad? Too cliche? Too everything?

Your resume says you know about SEOs. Is that true?

Yep. Stands for Safe Elephant Otters. The Elephant Otter is a rare otter only found in the Arctic.

I think that covers it for now. Stay tuned....


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