• Toni Anita Hull

I'm Back

I realized my most recent post was from two years ago.

The time has come.

I have tried blogging about TV shows weekly and I have tried to follow a list of ways to meet guys. In both cases, I fell off the blog wagon. So what.....what will I say?

Here I am. Two years later. Living alone in a studio. I am still single. As single as they come. I am seeing a therapist. She asked me why I don't date. I replied, "Ughhh. It's too hard." And it is.

So I guess this blog cannot be about dating. Although, that can get mean and I don't wanna be mean. I am sometimes mean. But who isn't? Even Jesus flipped over a table once in his day.

Will I write things that matter or will I write things to make you laugh or can I write both? I don't know who "you" are. I am not sure anyone knows I have this website. Not even my brother. But that's ok.

I guess I will just write things that inspire me to sit down and put the words to the page. Like maybe about that time I touched jalepeno and then masturbated. Yeah. That's a bad idea.

In short, I'm me and that's all that this blog will be. Is me.


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