• Toni Anita Hull


Everyone is married.

I am not.

Cue: Bitter sarcasm.

I complain a lot about being single. However, I don't really leave my house...MY SNUGGIE IS COMFORTABLE. So I have resorted to Tinder and OkCupid (because I am also cheap/low on funds at all times). This has resulted in one awkward dirty messaging chat, one guy who I texted drunk and then was too embarrassed to text sober, and the guy who I thought was the one, but once I asked him to meet me in person....he disappeared.

So. I have to do it the ole' fashioned way...hang out at the soda fountain in hopes that someone will as me to the sock hop.

I Googled "best way to meet guys in LA" and I found the answer: Yes. It is four years old, but I didn't even know how to use the tape recorder on my it is fitting.

I will do one thing on this list a week. This is the next fucking Julie & Julia.


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