• Toni Anita Hull

I Fell Off the Wagon

Guys. I fell off the Mad Men bandwagon. I mean I have been watching, but I have failed to write my inner most thoughts about every single episode and I know you are disappointed. Let the truth be known that I, Toni Anita Hull, will always fail with commitments. I don't go to church every week. I am trying to be healthier, but I write this with a cocktail in hand. I have been staying on a couch while I "look" for a place; I have been "looking" for a place for almost a year. I told myself I would read the many magazines I get as soon as I get them, and I have 20 issues of Fast Company to read, 15 issues of Entertainment weekly to read, 24 issues of Better Homes and Gardens, to read and 1 issue of Vanity Fair (I do not have a subvcription to VF, I only bought it because Jon Hamm was on the cover..I did look at all of the photos of him in my defense). I watched the first three weeks of the Voice and now I don't even know who is left. AND GLEE, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH GLEE?

I can promise you that if I make a promise, I will most likely break it. However, I can promise you this, I will never ever ever ever give you my nipple.


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