• Toni Anita Hull

WHAT? TONI....You've Started Bloggin...I'M SO STOKED


This is my first blog...on my new blog page! I have only started about 10-20 blogs....but I am sure this one will be the last attempt and the best one yet!!! At this point, I have received a lot of questions about my blog, so I want to take the time to answer them here. I want to always be honest and transparent with you!

What will this blog even be about?

What do you want it to be about?

Why should we even read this?

Why wouldn't you read it?

Are you even an expert in anything?

Can you please define "expert"?

Is this blog just for chicks?

Do you even know how to chick?

Why do you keep answering these questions with questions?

Why do you keep asking questions?

Okay! I hope this clarifies everything!!! I cannot wait to get crackin'!!



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